We are aged between 7 and 10 years old and are a member of the Girlguiding Association which extends all over the globe with over 10 million members worldwide and over 575,000 in the UK!

We make a special 'Brownie Promise', our motto is to 'Lend A Hand' and you will always find us doing a 'Good Turn' - just ask our parents!

New members

We look to enrol a new Brownie around six meetings after she has started, when she will need to know and understand her promise :

I Promise that I will do my Best

To Love my God

To serve my Queen and my country

To help other people and to Keep the Brownie Guide Law

and her Law :

A Brownie Guide thinks of Others before herself and does a Good Turn every day

After this she will be able to wear the Brownie Uniform (yellow Sweatshirt or t-shirt and brown culottes or joggers) and the yellow promise badge. Whilst at Brownies, the girls progress through the initial "Adventure" programme (7-9 years) followed by "Adventure On" (9-10 years) During their time as a Brownie, the girls are able to fulfil various badge clauses and earn badges to sew on to their uniforms to show their accomplishments.

We meet once a week, during term time, on Mondays 5.30pm until 7pm, at the village community centre (by the double roundabout) and play games, learn new things, craft, cook, etc - always with the emphasis of having fun and with the importance of doing a good turn.

We take part in both indoor and outdoor activities (dependant on weather), we play games, sing songs, make things and enjoy many fun activities. We have special nights when we have parties, visit different places and sometimes we can bring our friends along so they can see what Brownies is like too.

Whilst we encourage the girls to work towards various challenges due to the personal benefits they get, it is their choice how much or little they wish to undertake. Activities include such things as craft, games, nature walks, fundraising, attending Church services, cooking, gardening and acting, and we work towards Interest Badges, both individually and as a group. At various times during the year, we meet up with other Units within the District for joint meetings and activities. That means we meet with other Rainbows (5-7 years), Brownies (7-10 years), Guides (10-16 years) and Senior Section (16-23 years) and have a good time. For more information on Fornham All Saints Brownies please contact Brown Owl at angela [at] demoore [dot] co [dot] uk. For further information about the Brownies in general, please visit the Guide Association website at

You can also contact Brown Owl on 01284 724798, or 07749 495098

If you have a daughter either aged between 7-10 years, or coming up towards her 7th birthday, give us a call, and visit for a session to see what we get up to! We look forward to hearing from you!