August 2011 Parish Council News

The Meeting of the Fornham All Saints Parish Council was held on Tuesday 19 July 2011 and was attended by 8 Parish Councillors, the Parish Clerk, Cllr Hopfensperger and 17 members of the public.

After the Chairman welcomed everybody and covered the first three points on the agenda, the council meeting was adjourned to hold the public session as there were so many members of the public present. 

Skate Park in Fornham All Saints.

A number of children in the village had put together a petition asking for a skate park to be created within Fornham All Saints to save them having to travel to the Skate Park in Bury St Edmunds, near the  Asda roundabout.  The suggested positioning of the skate ramp would be on the Community Centre playing field but would have to be in such a position that it does not interfere with the running of the Community Centre, football matches and car boot sales.  All the Children involved and their parents are keen to help with the fund raising for this project.  The Parish Council agreed to this in principle pending discussions with the Community Council and costings of the actual ramps and equipment.  Councillor  Hopfensperger will enquire whether the mobile skate ramp that was on offer from the Borough is still available.  She also said she hoped to be able to contribute towards the cost using her Locality Budget. 

Once this topic had been discussed all except one member of the public left the meeting.  

Police Report – PCSO Gemma Robinson presented the latest statistics for the village.  There had been three incidents in the village in May but nothing reported since then.  These incidents were fraud by false representation, burglary from a garage and theft from a motor vehicle.  

Councillor Hopfensperger then presented her report.

  1. The Intelligent Lighting System which Suffolk County Council are proposing to install so that certain street lights will be turned off completely between the hours of 12pm and 5.30am, some will just be dimmed and others will remain on all the time.  The system is aimed to save money and is hoped to be installed within the Fornhams in May 2012.
  2. Flooding in Tut Hill – After the recent flooding in Tut Hill the Western Area Highways Department have been contacted and they have arranged, in the first instance, to thoroughly cleanse and jet through the drainage infrastructure which will highlight any weaknesses or blockages.  If this proves to be clear then they will consider what options are available in terms of increasing the capacity.
  3. Brief update on Vision 2031.  This is still progressing and is going to the planned dates so far.  The report should be issued in the Autumn.
  4. Footpaths – work is progressing on the improvement of Pigeon Lane between Mildenhall Road and Fornham All Saints and to the Lark Valley path between Fornham All Saints and Hengrave.  This work is being managed by the County Council Rights of Way team and should be completed in the autumn.  This saves the paths being closed to walkers during the busy summer walking period. 

The meeting was then reconvened.

Parish Clerk Vacancy – the Chairman reported that he had received the resignation of Virginia Comely as Parish Clerk.  Adverts will be placed on all notice boards, website, SALC website and local parish magazines for her replacement.  A replacement is hoped to be found as soon as possible.  If anyone is interested in this position please contact Malcolm Johnson, Chairman. 01284 755711.

White lining at Roundabout at bottom of Tut Hill and parking outside the Manor House and Three Kings.  Suffolk County Council may delay this white lining. As a result of the recent floods the road may need to be resurfaced before the white lining can be completed.

Pigeon Lane –The drainage problem that causes the flooding in Pigeon Lane has been completed with grateful thanks from the properties affected.   

Vehicle Activated Signage in Tut Hill – Further investigations have taken place on the costings for this.  Two companies have been suggested with a cost of approximately £2000.  The Chairman will contact Mr Noble from the County Council to come and visit the proposed site.  The signs that will be purchased will be portable so can be used in different locations around the village.  The Chairman will discuss with Fornham St Martin Parish Council if they wish to share this equipment.

Pound Meadow Grass Parking Area – the plastic covering has been ordered and the residents have agreed to assist with the installation.  This will hopefully be completed by the end of the summer.

Fornham All Saints Website – with the kind help of Phill Demoore from Pigeon Lane the village website is now back up and running.  If anyone has any suggestions or items they wish to put onto the website please email clerk [at] fornhamallsaints [dot] co [dot] uk .  The website can be found at

Trees Around the Village A number of trees have been reported as overhanging footpaths around the village.  Some of these are owned by the Borough and some are on private property.  The Borough will be contacted to ask permission to trim them as most are in the conservation area.  Any trees overhanging the paths from private properties will be written to by the Parish Council asking for their assistance in trimming. 

Mere Lane A suggestion has been made that Mere Lane become a Green Lane i.e. is closed to through traffic and  walkers, cyclists and access only will be allowed to use this roadway.  If anyone has any comments regarding this proposal please let the council know by either contacting any of the council members or emailing clerk [at] fornhamallsaints [dot] co [dot] uk.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Correspondence had been received from Pageantmaster Bruno Peake for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons inviting all parishes to light a beacon in celebration on June 4th 2012.  It was agreed that a beacon in the village would not be seen but further discussions are being held to find a more suitable site around the village and a party to be organised to be held at the same time.  More details to follow but if anyone has any initial thoughts or ideas please email clerk [at] fornhamallsaints [dot] co [dot] uk or write to Parish Clerk, The Hyde,  Tut Hill, Fornham All Saints, IP28 6LF.

The date of the next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 20 September  2011 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.